Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Harvest Ale 2011

6.7% ABV
Purchased at Taylor’s Market ($5.99/24 oz. bottle) and served in pint glasses

His Notes:

Made entirely with hops less than 24 hours removed from the vine, this special release pours clover honey orange with a large and fluffy white head.  The well-rounded nose is filled with sweet pine, melon, and the zest of lemons and grapefruits.  Northern Hemisphere Harvest Ale stuns you with its incredibly fresh flavors, which offer an intriguing jumble of homemade honey, oily pine, lemony citrus, dewy grass, and even a pineapple mint taste that can be credited to the wet Washington hops.  It’s pleasantly herbal without being cute or overbearing, and the hop bitterness is extremely refined, with definite fresh herbs coming to the fore.  The overall effect is drinkable and refreshing, but with an impetuous youthfulness that lends it an unexpected complexity.

   4 1/2 Toasts

Her Notes:

  5 Toasts

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