Gonzo Imperial Porter (Flying Dog)

9.2% ABV, 85 IBU
Purchased at A&P and poured into globe glasses.

His Notes:

This beer was brewed as a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson, although every story I’ve ever heard involving Thompson and beer had him consuming mass quantities of cheap yellow crap, not contemplatively sipping Imperial Porters. Regardless, Gonzo, which pours dark black with a fluffy, coffee foam head, is pure brilliance.  Rich mocha is also present in the nose, which offers a mixture of dark chocolate and fresh coffee beans, as well as fain dark fruits. Chocolate and coffee are the most prevalent flavors, but there is nothing cloying or cute about this beer.  A bitter but not overwhelming kick awaits you on the back end, and there are even mild berry flavors that recall African coffee and expensive chocolates.  The flavors exist in perfect harmony – strong but not bullying, chocolate-y but not too sweet, bitter but never unpleasant.

   5 Toasts

Her Notes:


   5 Toasts

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