Bombardier (Wells and Young’s)

5.2% ABV
Purchased at Corti Bros. ($4.19/16.9 oz. bottle) and poured into pint glasses.

His Notes:

Bombardier pours rusty brown with a desert sand-colored head, and features a strong nose of dark fruits (especially cooking apples), some toffee, and syrupy British malt.  There are more dark fruits on the tongue, but it’s less imposing than in the nose, with the sugars expertly balanced by the tart hoppiness.  This is a pristine example of the classic English Bitter – sweet but not saccharine dark fruits on the palette, and a surprisingly crisp finish with just enough lasting bitterness to hold your attention between sips.  I wouldn’t call it a bargain at that price, but the clean water and restrained flavors put Wells Bombardier a cut above the beers of its ilk.

  4 Toasts

Her Notes:

  3.5 Toasts

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