Hoptologist DIPA (Knee Deep Brewing)

9% ABV, 102 IBUs
Purchased at Pangaea Bottle Shop ($8.99/22 oz. bottle) and poured into tulip glasses.

His Notes:

This brew from Lincoln-based Knee Deep Brewing won the Double IPA Festival during San Francisco Beer Week.  Hoptologist pours golden amber with an ivory head, and offers a tropical and fruity nose similar to strawberry syrup, along with a surprising maple glaze scent.  It has a very unique taste for an Imperial IPA, with very little of the expected pine, citrus, or floral flavors upon first swallow.  Instead, Hoptologist is honeyed and woody, with almost a graham cracker character to the mouth-coating finish.  Only after those original and intriguing flavors fade does the palate-crushing bitterness come in and take over the tongue.

  4 Toasts

Her Notes:

    4.5 Toasts

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One thought on “Hoptologist DIPA (Knee Deep Brewing)

  1. Chris on said:

    Suggested as a competitor to Pliney the Elder. Apparently won a blind taste test. Found it a pleasant ale.

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