Guinness Draught

4.2% ABV
Purchased at Safeway ($6.99/6-pack of 11.2 oz. bottles) and poured into pint glasses.

His Notes:

The iconic “Pasteurized Stout” from Guinness pours a murky black with a decent-sized tan head.  There are few roasted and toffee notes on the nose, but mostly it’s that strong, apple-flavored malt common to “classic” British brews.  The mouthfeel is more watery than suggested by the dark hue, but it’s well-balanced by mild coffee, toffee, and nut flavors.  Brewed in Dublin since 1759, Guinness Draught is eminently smoothe, drinkable, and creamy session stout (and less sweet then you might think given the smell) but the tepid flavors and overall lack of depth grow fairly tiresome after a while, as does the flat aftertaste.

  3 Toasts

Her Notes:

   3 Toasts

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