Monk’s Blood – 21st Amendment

8.3% ABV
Purchased at Nugget Market ($10.49/4-pack of 12 oz. cans) and poured into mason jars.

His Notes:

This thought-provoking Belgian strong dark pours a rusty brown with a moderate, light brown head, and a confetti splash of spices when you hold the glass up to the light.  It has a sweet nose of cranberries, fruit pastries, and raisins, with an overall aroma as similar to berry wine as it is to beer.  There is berry tartness on the tongue, as well as dried fruit and a candied sugar quality indigenous to Belgian dubbels, although 21stAmendment’s take offers a lot more hop punch.  Toffee flavors, raisins, toasty vanilla, and a slight heat from the addition of cinnamon come to dominate the unique finish much more than the initial berry impression

  4 Toasts

Her Notes:

  4 Toasts

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