BRUX – Russian River/Sierra Nevada

8.3% ABV
Purchased at Taylor’s Market ($15.99/25.4 oz. bottle) and poured into flute glasses.

His Notes:

This collaboration between NorCal brewing legends Russian River and Sierra Nevada pours a burnished gold with a sizable off-white head.  The bottle describes Brux as a “domesticated wild ale”, and indeed it offers the expected barnyard funk aromas along with some citrus zest and tangerine.  It is spectacularly dry on the palette – the body is visibly similar to prosecco – with notes of citrus fruit, melon, and grass. There is some funk on the tongue, but the lasting impression is a dry, cracker-like bitterness offset by oranges, tangerines, and melon.   Brux has an interesting, fruit-forward complexity, with bready yeast flavors (and even a little saltiness) on the retreat, but the higher-than-average ABV makes it a little heavier than necessary.

  4 Toasts

Her Notes:

  4.5 Toasts

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