Heelch O’Hops – Anderson Valley Brewing Company


8.7% ABV
Purchased at Curtis Park Market ($6.99/22 oz. bottle) and poured into tulip glasses.

This Double IPA from Boonville-based Anderson Valley – makers of the venerable Boont Amber Ale – pours a solid cantaloupe gold with a mid-sized dusty white head and thick lacing on the glass.  The nose leaps out of the bottle on first pour, dominated by frosty pine and bitter-sweet citrus, mostly lemons and grapefruits with some candied orange and dewy grass.  Pine sap bitterness and grapefruit zest obliterate the tongue on first swallow, making a monstrous impression on the palette in the vein of West Coast hop bombs.  Although it gets a little more buttery and cracker-y on subsequent swallows, Heelch O’Hops is drinkable but not for timid palettes, and yet it’s not particularly nuanced either.

toasts-3.5    3.5 Toasts


toasts-3.5    3.5 Toasts



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One thought on “Heelch O’Hops – Anderson Valley Brewing Company

  1. Thanks to SacBee guy with three names, I found your site.

    What a job you have here. Need a field tester?
    Not to state the obvious, I will work for beer…

    Lately I’ve been into the so-called session beers ( in other words, I have become a wimp in my old age).

    My favorite beers are the cask ales. Other than Bonn Lair, around here, I have to wait for Thursday of beer week at Rubicon.

    Thank goodness the Public House at AT&T Park has them, and for only five bucks (a steal at the ball park).

    Great site you have, the art work is a treat. Come check out the little brewery in Woodland and I’ll buy. (No, I do not have any interest in the place, just in their good beer.)

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