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Jen Pearson Design bottle opener

JenPearson_BottleOpenerOne of the positive things about “craft beer people” is that we make shopping for presents relatively easy.  In the same way that golfers get deluged with golf-related gifts, our holidays and birthdays usually herald bounties of beer, brewery-branded merchandise and related items like books, glassware, decorations and bottle openers.

Every veteran craft beer nut has at least half a dozen lovely but largely unused novelty bottle openers occupying space at the bottom of a crowded kitchen drawer right now, waiting along with koozies and cardboard coasters for an inevitable purge.

What sets the sleek but sturdy bottle opener created by Jen Pearson Design apart from the rest is the simple and beautiful design.  The geometrically balanced shape and buffed white brass color is so aesthetically pleasing yet non-intrusive, you would never think to hide it in a drawer.  You will want to leave this piece out on your desk all the time, whether you’re planning to enjoy a cold one or not.

On the other hand, if you are planning to pop a bottle or two, this lightweight, palm-sized piece does the job with elegant style.  Based out of Oakland, Jen Pearson Design is dedicated to elevating the aesthetic value of everyday items, as with her apothecary matchstick bottle or her test tube flower vase.  To get more information or place an order, visit



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