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Labyrinth Black Ale (Uinta Brewing)

13.2% ABV
Purchased at Taylor’s Market ($14.99/25.4 oz. bottle) and poured into globe glasses.

His Notes:

Utah-based Uinta’s Labyrinth pours an oozy, inky black with a small but frothy tan head, and the deep nose contains coffee, dark chocolate, wood-fermented yeast, and molasses.  The initial flavor is strong, earthy, and oaky, with the creme brulee-style sweetness turning to alcohol bitterness and throat burn.  Its’ first sip delivers on the promises of the nose, but it takes you on some labyrinthine twists and turns afterward.  The licorice that has been added during the brew comes through mainly in the aftertaste initially, but gets stronger and stronger as the beer slowly warms.  Labyrinth goes through a number of changes on the tongue, from sweet molasses to sturdy oak to bitter chocolate and licorice, getting less sweet and more smoky-bitter with each sip.

  4.5 Toasts

Her Notes:

  4.5 Toasts

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