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Autumn Farmhouse Pale 2011 (Almanac Beer)

7 % ABV, 29 IBUs
Purchased at Taylor’s Market ($16.99/25.4 oz. bottle) and poured into tulip glasses.

His Notes:

Brewed with pesticide-free plums from the Central Valley, Almanac’s Autumn Farmhouse Pale pours pale honey gold with a fluffy white head.  The utterly appetizing nose blends Belgian yeast and barnyard funk with orchard fruits, including plums that smell like they’re bursting out of their skin.  There is a little more spiciness than expected on the tongue, but it’s backed up beautifully by bittersweet plum and citrus rind flavors.  Although there are fewer of the farmhouse/saison qualities than the nose would suggest, this beer is fruity and refreshing from first sip to last, and the addition of unrefined wheat lends it a distinctly summer-y feel.

  4 Toasts

Her Notes:

4.5 Toasts

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