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Alpine Spring (Samuel Adams)

5.5% ABV
Purchased at Target ($12.99/12-pack) as part of the Samuel Adams Brewmasters Series and poured into pint glasses.

His Notes:

This new spring seasonal from Sam Adams pours sunrise yellow with a bright white head.  The airy nose has cooked lemons, hay, and just the slightest bit of funk.  Alpine Spring’s sweet and tangy taste prominently features fermented citrus, but also a notable sweat sock funkiness not uncommon to the keller bier style.  The taste is essentially a more citrus-inflected version of a light pilsner, and what it lacks in innovation it makes up for with its refreshing finish and warm-weather drinkability.  This is a beer to quench your thirst, not your sense of adventure.

  3.5 Toasts

Her Notes:

  3 Toasts

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