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Leon – Omnipollo

leon-bttl6.5% ABV
Purchased at Bottlecraft in San Diego ($6.99/11.2 oz. bottle) and poured into tulip glasses.

Stockholm-based Omnipollo’s mysterious Leon pours an opaque apple cider vinegar orange with a puffy white head.  Leon has an earthy, bright smell that encompasses barnyard must, honey, grapefruit peel, and champagne ice cream.  The first swallow has richer and less interesting flavors than implied by the nose, including butterscotch and dark fruits like apples and figs, with only a slight, honeyed citrus zest on the fairly clean finish.  Belgian spices and seltzer water also introduce themselves on the finish, concluding a beer that is satisfying and drinkable enough, but overall struck me as a one-note novelty.

toasts-3   3 Toasts


toasts-3   3 Toasts

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