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Triple Exultation (Eel River)

9.7% ABV
Purchased at BevMo ($6.49/22 oz. bottle) and poured into pint glasses.

His Notes:

This “Old Ale” from Fortuna’s Eel River pours like maple syrup and is colored rusty brown with a sandy brown head.  The smell is filled with hard alcohol and fruit esters, alongside notes of licorice and mild cooking woods like cedar.  Woody alcohol is also dominant on the palette, but it’s kept in check by a notable hop kick.  Chewy grains and malty smoothness enter the picture on the finish, which is slow and warming like a shot of good whiskey.  The smell, color, and consistency of Triple Exultation are similar to those of a traditional barleywine, but the emphasis is more towards bitterness than sweetness, and the result is a lovely slow sipper with a beautiful back end.

   4 1/2 Toasts

Her Notes:

  4 Toasts

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