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Cellar Series: Love Child #3 – Boulevard Brewing Company


9.5% ABV
Purchased at Final Gravity ($19.99/25.4 oz. bottle) and poured into tulip glasses.

This bourbon-barrel aged sour ale from Kansas City-based Boulevard pours a ruby-tinged rust color with a mid-sized beach sand head, and a fair amount of flotsam in the body. Sour fruit aromas sock you in the nose, including SweeTarts, pineapples, tart berries, and red wine.  A big tartness also asserts itself on the tongue, but the beer finishes pretty clean, with grapefruit, slightly immature strawberries, green apple, and even lime coming to the fore.  Some of the barrel makes its way onto the palette on subsequent swallows, but the most accurate analogue to the beer is a sour apple-flavored Jolly Rancher.  We cellared this beer for 14 months before uncorking, and I did not recall it being this fruit-driven and boldly tart in the spring of 2013, nor this distinct and nuanced.  My suspicions were seemingly confirmed by the bottle itself, which includes icons indicating low fruitiness and medium sour-ness, although many Beer Advocate reviewers from the time of release mention green apples, tart berries, and the like.  Either way, this beer is fantastic, and should hold up in the cellar for at least another year. 

toasts-4.5   4.5 Toasts




toasts-4   4 Toasts

Sweet and Sour – HaandBryggeriet

7.5% ABV
Purchased at Davis Beer Shoppe ($8.99 /16.9 oz. bottle) and poured into red wine glasses.

His Notes:

This barrel-aged sour blend from Norwegian brewer HaandBryggeriet (they also brew the sublime Hesjeol) pours a bright, peachy orange with a slight, bubbly, bone-white head and a fair amount of sediment.  Sweet & Sour has a pungent but inviting nose of fermented grapes, citrus zest, sharp yeast, and tart berries.  The beer’s sourness is initially disguised by the ripe orange and sweet melon flavors on the tongue, but it’s the lemon and Sour Patch pucker that dominates the back end.  This absolutely delicious brew is an ideal introduction to sour beers for the uninitiated, but it’s also a remarkable refresher for hardcore fanatics.

  5 Toasts

Her Notes:

  5 Toasts

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