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3XIPA – Device Brewing Company

3x_label10.5% ABV
Purchased at Capitol Beer and Tap Room ($7/13 oz. pour) and served in tulip glasses.

This debut beer from Sacramento newbie Device Brewing Company pours a clear, honey gold with a tight, off-white head.  The nose offers the sweet smells of wet grass, pears, and other stone fruits drizzled in honey, and the first swallow indicates that same sort of sweet character is ahead.  That initial impression quickly gives way to a hop bitterness that is mostly herbal and piney in nature, with a browned toast touch to the aftertaste.  3XIPA gets grassier on subsequent swallows, with a dose of alcohol burn entering the profile towards the end, although it remains fairly honeyed throughout.  Device is only brewing four styles out of the gate in order to hone their technique, and that attention to detail is evident in this promising triple IPA.

toasts-3.5   3.5 Toasts


toasts-4   4 Toasts

Simtra (Knee Deep Brewing Company)

10.1% ABV, 131 IBUs
Gifted by Knee Deep and poured into tulip glasses.

His Notes:

Simtra is the Triple IPA relative of Lincoln-based Knee Deep’s award-winning Hoptologist DIPA.  It pours a pale gold with a tight white head, and has a surprisingly sweet nose of cotton candy, citrus fruits, and spruce needles.  Much like Hoptologist, there is little in the way of traditional west coast IPA hop/pine/citrus/floral flavors here. Instead, Simtra is dry and cracker-like on the tongue, with dusky spices and an almost wormwood-like twist to the finish.  The hops are dank and chewy, and despite the triple-digit IBUs, this beer doesn’t crush you with bitterness – it insinuates and distracts you with its unique flavor profile while quietly coating your mouth with delectable hops.

  4 Toasts

Her Notes:

  4 Toasts

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