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Readers’ Reserve – Lemongrass Wheat Ale (Widmer Brothers’ Reserve)

9% ABV
Purchased at Total Wine and More ($9.49/22 oz. bottle) and poured into wine glasses. 

His Notes:

This Widmer Brothers’ Reserve limited release pours a cloudy orange with a very minimal white head, and the beer does not appear to be heavily carbonated.  Fermented fragrances dominate the nose, including sour grapes, slight citrus, and worn wood, along with the corn syrup aroma of fruity gelatin candy.  Its’ taste is almost cider-like, not particularly carbonated or hoppy, with the juicy lemongrass flavor finally coming through in the watery aftertaste.  The lemon/wheat combination coming from Widmer Brothers can’t help but recall their American Hefeweizen, but this is a grassier, more taste-neutral take on that influential and well-traveled brew.

  3 Toasts

Her Notes:

  3 Toasts

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