Readers’ Reserve – Ovila Quad (Sierra Nevada)

10.4% ABV
Gifted by Tricia and poured into goblet glasses.

His Notes:

Sierra Nevada’s take on the strong Belgian Quadrupel pours a dark toffee brown-black with a full, sand-colored head.  The nose is a very subtle of mix of caramel, wood and dark fruits, especially apples, plums, and dates.  Ovila Quad offers a warm and rich mixture of dried fruit, toffee, and dry bitterness on the palette, with a warm hard alcohol aftertaste.  It has a flavor profile similar to that of a smoky scotch or a mild brandy, but with enough hops, chewy grains, and candied Belgian yeast to remain true to its beer roots.  This brew is simply brilliant – a true strong Belgian Quad that still retains those wonderfully restrained Sierra Nevada flavors.

  5 Toasts

Her Notes:

  5 Toasts

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